Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lightside of the moon (Light Part 2)

I’ve tried 3 different times to write about Our Lady and every time it just didn’t seem like it made enough sense, or even was worthy of posting so I didn’t but I’ve been reading a lot about our Mother recently and I believe I have finally found a context that will be cohesive and conclusive and that my dear brothers and sisters is the context of Christ.  As you may have noticed this is Part 2 of a 2 part little series on light.  If you haven’t read the first one it’s not necessary that you do but I strongly recommend reading it first.  It can be found below.
Yes I am a nerd, and yes I did misquote the title of a Pink Floyd song for the title. Since I got that little confession out of the way I think we should talk about Our Lady in the context of her Son.  Jesus was the purpose of her life, as it should be ours as well but with her there is something special.  I’m going to be honest with you my Marian devotion has been lack luster for most of my life.  I don’t want to admit it but I feel as if a lot of Catholics have lost the beauty of Our Lady.  I will venture to say after this past month that it is necessary that the Church faithful find her, and not only find her but love her.  A few weeks ago I had a very close friend of mine ask me if I prayed my rosary every day.  I beat around the bush, “I try to pray it every day.”  Hardly.  I had gotten into the habit of missing it or forgetting to do it throughout the day.  I was numb to the fact that it was hurting me.  To be honest had my friend not mention it to me I’d still be missing it for the most part; I’d still be lost. 

I’m not lost anymore though, at least not as lost.  I spoke about in part 1 about how Christ is the Light that guides us home but I think sometimes it takes something softer than the brightness of the Son to reel us into His love.  This is where Mary comes in, in my life, as well as the life of the Church.  Before I go further I would like to bring forth the image that Fulton Sheen has brought to my attention, of our Lady as the Moon that reflects the brightness of the Sun.  Before you read further just take a moment to meditate on that image.

If you would like to share any of your thoughts or things that have come to you through meditation please feel free to share it with me; I would love to hear it.

I will give you an example from my own life.  When I began this year I had made a resolution to carry with me three characteristics that had, in truth, carried me for the summer.  These three ideals are humility, enthusiasm, and love.  They seem simple and vague enough that I could find places in my life in the seminary that I could tell myself that I was living them but when you scrutinize your actions it’s also very easy to see one’s faults.  I love Jesus and I wanted desperately to love my brothers, to be humble, and over all to be enthusiastic.  For the first week I did that.  By looking to Jesus in the Eucharist I was able to fulfill my resolution but things started to get tough, and I started to lose sight of the brightness of our Lord even though I was spending a lot of time in His presence.  Other things began to flood my mind but it was in the simple pray of the rosary that I once again took notice of our Lord’s warming light.  It was in the silence of our loving Mother that I was able to see God ever so clearly.  Besides the fact that she was and is a sinless example of how to love like Jesus, and how to love Jesus, she also happens to be with Jesus.  I could just see her saying, “Son, let me handle this one” speaking about needing to come to me in a place I least expected it, in simplicity.  God and I have always had a pretty upfront relationship.  I am clear with Him and He is clear with me.  I’m used to coming to deep prayer in big ways, whether it be in a deep entering into a holy hour or in fasting for another person but I’d let myself get preoccupied with other things, albeit I was still going through the motions of those prayers.  Our Lady came to me through my friend, who in gentleness and simplicity asked me a pretty straight forward question.  Do you pray the rosary every day?  I didn’t but because this friend asked me I wanted to start.  I went to our Lady and told her, I don’t know you well but I think I’d like to.  She answered with a quiet response, “Do whatever he tells you.”  My dear brothers and sisters, sometimes we the need gentle point of view of our Mother to show us the obvious things.  Since I’ve begun running to Mary in the rosary every morning and offering up prayers for the people I love to our Lady daily I have also been seeing more clearly the love of our Lord.  The gentle gleam of our Lady’s love reflects the bright light of the Son so that we may seek where her light is coming from.  She comes in the night, in the simple and unlikely places in our lives that we may be brought to a deeper sense of His sacrifice for us, that we may see that we are loved, and that we may truly be led home. 

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