Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Light will guide you home (Light Part 1)

The Light will guide you home.

Many people don’t know this but growing up I always wanted to be an astronaut.  I spent many an hour prior to 7th grade pondering about how one day I was going to go to space.  Obviously the Lord has called me to something a little different.  I still hope to go to the great beyond, but I think more about the everlasting one these days.  Yes I am a nerd, and yes I did misquote a Coldplay song in the title.  Reason for the little preface is I had a pretty good prayer session last night.

As many of you know I live in Nebraska and in our town there aren’t many lights so the stars are breathtaking.  It stands as the one thing that Seward Nebraska has over Rockford.  In the past I’ve loved walking around the campus out by our pond and praying by the starlight and this year I’ve been doing it even more.  There is something about the silence of night that makes the voice of God that much louder.  Last night I was laying on the wall by our Mary statue out in the court yard praying and I was overwhelmed by the love of God shown to me in the beauty of the night sky.  I was 4 decades through my rosary when someone in the gym flipped on the lights so in an instant the stars were no longer the cause of the light in the court yard.  Not only were they not the cause of the light, all but three of the stars had disappeared from my vision.

Of course I finished my rosary but that last decade was the hardest.  I was so distracted by the light from the gym.  It was almost blinding.  Not blinding in the sense of my eyes only but also spiritually.  Every day as Christians we, in a perfect understanding, would be searching to know, love, and serve God so that we can live with Him forever.  I start off every day by doing that but some days it seems within about 30 seconds I have something to take care of and my focus is quickly drawn away from our Lord. 

I was thinking about the title of the Light to describe God and I recommend taking some time to ponder on that.  I thought back to different times in my life.  I remember going to a Steubenville Conference with a bunch of people that I love.  Up in Minnesota that weekend the Light was so warm and bright.  I couldn’t look away; it was like a mosquito to a lamp.  Then I remember my first semester at Boylan High School and I was so caught up with my new friends and classes and the sheer pride that comes with being a Titan that I didn’t take the time to realize the Light had led me there, and was still trying to lead me.  But whaaaat?  If the Light of our Lord is so bright and warming it can draw me in for a whole weekend how can I go so long without noticing it? 

I think it has a lot to do with how close we get to the lesser lights.  Last night I could’ve walked out back and I wouldn’t have been able to see the gym lights, and the stars would’ve been just as bright previously and yet I didn’t move.  So laziness kept me from that light, but what about in other instances?  Well my freshman year had I looked for the Lord guiding me I would’ve seen Him clear as day, and I am pretty comfortable saying I would’ve been infinitely more joyous; I didn’t want to take the risk of shutting my other lights off.  I didn’t want to trust that the Lord would provide me with the Light and warmth when I gave up my own feeble attempts.  I’ve come to the conclusion the Lord isn’t going to strong arm Himself into my life; that’s not what he wants.  He wants us to open ourselves to His love and to freely love Him in return.  Freely.  Which means we’ve got to make the effort.  He’s waiting, and when we are finally willing to follow the true Light we won’t have to worry about the darkness. 

We all have, or will have a dark day here or there where the earthly lights will blind us from our Lord but it’s in our best interest to do everything we can to stay close to the one who loves us fully.  Take some time, right now, and find a quiet spot and just ask the Lord to shine brightly for you.  Let Him know how desperately you yearn for the true warmth and guidance.  He’s going to surprise you.  Obviously my dear brothers and sisters we will go through times where it seems that the Light isn’t shining for you but maybe, just maybe, the Lord is asking you to open your eyes just a little wider.  Let Him lead you.  Let the Light guide you home to Our Heavenly Father.

Brothers and sisters, I thank you for taking the time to read this but as you may have noticed, it is only part 1.  In part 2 we will consider the one who most perfectly reflects the light.


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