Thursday, January 8, 2015

Give Me a Drink

Give me a drink.

Prayer...that's what holy people with no life do...Nope.  Prayer hasn't always been easy for me because I give it a million expectations and hopes and rules but what is prayer?  My little buddy Therese says it is “a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy.”  

A lot of times I feel like prayer is to much of a commitment and I know I'm not alone in that.  Some of my former 'every Sunday' Mass going friends have told me since college they don't have the time for Mass on Sunday because of school work or whatever else college has to offer.  Some friends who used to belong to youth group with me have told me they don't have 20 minutes to set aside in their day to pray the rosary.  I've said that during break I don't have an hour to set aside for the Lord everyday.  I realize that in practice these things may seem like too much amongst the stress that we face but I have a claim that the Lord isn't asking for these practices for their own sake...He's asking for something much greater.

He wants you.  I've spent weeks offering different prayers in the chapel and that is a very good thing but in those same weeks I've forgotten that God is alive and wants my heart and my desires and my fears and my joys and my sorrows.  I would become burned out and feel like I wasn't doing enough for the Lord.

I had to come to the realization God doesn't just want me to do good things for Him and for others, He wants me to do His will...and what is His will?  For me to give Him myself completely.  How does that work though?  Maybe you've had a wake up in the morning, give myself to Jesus today type moment, or maybe you've met people like that, and that is beautiful but for me the Lord had/has to sneak up on my heart a little bit. 

In John 4 Jesus asks a woman from a different social group for a drink of water...simple enough, except her group doesn't associate with that one in which Jesus belongs.  She becomes closed off at first but as He does, God does work. 

In our own lives Christ may be calling you to do something simple for Him, but it can come in the form of an awkward encounter with another person or a risk in faith.  You'll have to say, hey you know what...I don't care how this makes me look I'm going to try to do the right thing.  At the point you've opened up communication...on your end at least, His end has always been open, He's been calling out to you for all time.  If you keep reading about Jesus's encounter with the woman at the well she goes from being shocked at this random Jew speaking with her, to being a little girl longing for the love that will allow her to live forever.

If you give Him small yeses, clarity comes, bigger questions follow, more love is poured.  The spiritual life is a battle for love and He longs to give you life greater than you can imagine, all it takes is a little cup of water, a little offering of oneself.

The Lord wants all of you but it isn't like a stripping away of who you are, no it's a fulfillment of who you were made to be. 

You aren't alone in the desire to keep each drop of water to yourself, but you have fellow Christians, angels, and saints all rooting for you to say a little yes...a yes that will ring true into eternity.  Do not be afraid to sacrifice to go to Mass on Sunday, to pray your rosary, to do a holy hour, to have an awkward conversation.  He, the creator of all, revels in your turning toward Him.  Give Him a drink from your simple and beautifully made heart. 

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