Saturday, February 14, 2015

Your first love

Dear daughter,

You are My lily among the thorns. I created you. I, love itself, created you. My dear daughter I want you to know how much I love you. This love I speak of does not fade, and at every moment you can count on the fact that I’m thinking of you. Why? You make me happy. I know you make mistakes but I’ve seen you pull yourself back up to see me time and time again. Don’t be afraid to grab on to me when you are falling. I’ll hold on tight and keep you safe. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are mine.

I have perfect plans for you.

Amidst the difficulties of life I have a mission for you. This mission I trust with you alone. I have written it in the desires of your heart. When it is time your heart will be set aflame in a special way and you will carry much responsibility. I see the great weights that you are bearing for the sake of My kingdom, but they will become heavier, so will my love.

You are going to bring many to Me. When you smile, I smile. Your joy radiates My own joy and My dear daughter that will cause many to search for Me in you. Daily you remind Me why I carried that cross. I want to see you in heaven forever. I want to love you in ways that you can not yet imagine. I want you to bring many souls with you. You have already grown My Church by your life.
I will share your heart with another.

I love you and you are mine. However, I have made your brothers strong. I ask them daily to give their hearts to me to be purified so that they are more worthy to be shared with you. They will make mistakes; they will love little, but they are trying to show love to My highest creation, you. Don’t lose faith in them for I am working day and night to make the man in whom you will share your life with holy and full of virtue. Don’t lose hope.

Since the beginning of time I have loved you. This love will never cease.

- God, your Father

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I See Hope

Dear son,

have seen you hiding... Those that I have loved have always tried to hide from me.   You hide in your fear. You hide in your anger. You hide in  your imprudence.   Let me tell you dear son, I see you, and I love you.

I have seen you in moments of victory. I have seen you overcome great odds.  I have seen those moments of success that have seemed to go unnoticed.  I have seen your longing for approval.  Let me tell you dear son, I see you, and I love you.

You can aid in the carrying of the cross of my Divine Son.  You can make an eternal difference.   Receive my Fatherly care.  I want to correct you yes, but i want to teach you and I want to give you everything. 

You have spoken too freely. You have hurt my beloved daughters. You have wasted precious moments, but when I look to you I see hope...I see a strength that can care for a woman, one woman, forever.  I see a strength that can care for my little ones with generosity and joy.  In you my son I see a hero...

As you look back on your life only dwell on your failings as far as they drive you to Me. I will build you up and send you out.

will send you out to be my hands and feet. I entrust to you my love.  Do not hide it.  The abundance in your heart, deep below the fear, is enough to bring countless souls to me. 

Come to me.

Trust in me.

You do not deserve more. You deserve most.
-God, your Father