Friday, April 17, 2015

Draw Near

You are joining Him on His walk:

You come into the garden and sit down and begin to weep from behind Jesus who is kneeling, praying.  You do not truly see anything or anyone but Him…you know He is talking to the Father about the battle that is upon Him.  He notices you and slowly walks to where you are seated. He slowly lowers himself beside you, He places His arm tightly around you and holds you without speaking a word.  Jesus looks intently at you, His eyes so deep... the deeper you go, the more believable His love is.  He finds peace in knowing that the reason He was going through this agony is so that He can be with you forever. He smiles gently and His spirit of thanksgiving gushes forth as He looks at you from head to toe.  

He is taken to be scourged and you run after Him.  Before the first strike goes against His back He pulls you in front of Him so both of you are facing the same direction. He places His hands on your shoulders and as He is whipped He whispers into your ear how proud His Father is of you. He speaks of your joy. He speaks of your desire to bring many to His heart. He speaks of His hope for you and all those who look upon your beauty.

He is crowned with thorns, and again you began to weep. Despite the blood trickling from His head and the pain His whole body is feeling, He gets down on one knee by a little bush and plucks a few little white lilies and fashions them into a crown. He places it gently on your head and tells you that because of His crown, your crown was possible.  You are adorned with beauty because of His sacrifice.

He picks up His cross and begins to walk the way to Calvary but your heart burns seeing Him carry that cross.  You beg Him to let you help Him.  He pulls a sliver of the cross off of a corner and encloses it in your hand, it pricks you slightly and you begin to bleed. You thank Him profusely for allowing you to share in His sacrifice. Albeit His weight is much heavier, the love present in bearing that sliver consoled His heart and brought Him joy as He walked to His death.

You reach the hill and Jesus is nailed to the cross.  You wince as they slide the nails into his hands and feet.  The cross is raised up and many are taunting Him. You are with our Lady; both of you are silent as you ponder all of these things in your heart.
Before 3 o’ clock, Jesus calls to you and you float up nearer to Him.  In a very breathy tone He speaks the words, "Receive my Spirit", at that moment your eyes close and you fall back into the arms of our Lady.
And that is where you remain today.

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