Wednesday, May 20, 2015


“For where your treasure is, there also is your heart.”

It’s really easy to lose a spirit of thanksgiving.  I've spent the last four years being blessed abundantly in the seminary and most days I didn't take the minute and the slow breath to notice, and to praise. That lack of thanksgiving has been the center of my prayer the last few weeks. 

I've gotten the chance to talk to a few of my very dedicated Christian friends and I've been asked on numerous occasions this break, “How’s your heart?” 

How is my heart?  Overflowing.  Why?  Because of my treasures.  Each of us have so many treasures but we need, I need, to notice them and treat them as such.  It’s not just in the big things.  Obviously our heart is found with our family.  Without them we would have a much harder time finding a place to rest our head, let alone a place that has unconditionally loving people.  And of course our heart is found in close friends and in the consistency of education and work.  God has put all of us on baller journeys, with baller people.  We should take the time to praise God for those blessings, and to ponder the depth of those gifts. 

But there’s more…

My treasure is in the children singing with their whole hearts ‘Go make a difference” at Mass…is in the man on the street who raised his eyes for a brief moment and smiled…is in the college girl who had the courage to tell me my writing had touched her heart…is in the consistency of the sun rising…is in the joke texts from my seminarian brothers…is in the breeze that reminds me of my guardian angel…is in my friends, the in the people who ask how I am doing, and wait to hear the answer…My treasure…is abundant. 

So there my friends, is where my heart is.  I do my best to place every person I talk to into my heart, because I treasure the very opportunity to know a new soul. I don’t stop there though.  As I draw all of you into my heart, I praise God for you and your gifts and talents, and then I return you to Him.
My greatest treasure is our Lord…and that is where I want my heart to reside.  I have been, and will continue to place my weak and wounded heart on the altar in hopes of its unification with the Sacred Heart of our Lord, but it's not an empty heart…All of you reside in my heart, so I’m giving you to the King. 

You are a treasure.  If you are having a hard day, struggling with knowing how special you are, I want you to know that I love you and I want to place you in my heart as I give it over to our Lord. 

This summer I am going to Mexico to study and my Spanish is very weak so I know that there will be times this summer that my heart is heavy and lonely and I’ll run to the one who speaks in the language of love, Jesus Christ.  If you’d like me to carry you in my wounded heart on this little journey, let me know.  I’ll revel in your beauty and praise God for your goodness daily.  You my friends are a treasure.  Thank you for letting my heart rest with you.  

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