Monday, September 14, 2015


Dear Daughter,
Countless hearts rest in your goodness.  When they see you smile, they encounter true joy.  When I see you smile I too find consolation.  Often amidst the journey to the heavenly Kingdom the path seems less life-bearing and I know in certain encounters on this road it seems that continuing to walk isn’t worth the effort anymore.  My little one, I long for you to find rest in me…but not rest from the pain of being misunderstood or rest from the sacrifices caused by blessings…I desire for you to know my rest always.  You have seen glimpses of this rest in certain souls I have placed before you, but I have more planned for you.  You are starting to see that I have created you special My sweet daughter. 

With every step you take, I love you.

With every breath in and out, I love you.

With each passing moment in sorrow or in joy, I love you.

In my love for you I know that your heart desires to share in my Kingdom on earth in peaceful prayer and understanding relationship.  That I can give to you but again I have made you special.  You will know the weight of my Son’s cross, which will bless you in community with the saints above, and those that walk beside you.  You will realize the gift that your feminine heart is to my Church.  And if you call to me in faith I will rest my healing hand upon that very heart.  Do not be afraid to draw near, I will not leave you.  My Spirit of freedom, trust, and courage resides deeply in you. 

In this moment, in every moment, my heart pours forth love because of you.  In the beginning, in the creation of Eve, your beauty shown through.  As you walk forward in this journey, raise your eyes to me, and walk with the pride of being created by a Father who loves you.  I promise to turn my glance to you, and radiate eternal joy in being your creator.

I know the hurts and wounds of this world.  I know especially the pain of rejection and ignorance found in those who are called to love you most.  I will continue to draw them to my heart, but the sting of your burning desire to love them more fully is preparing a place for my glory. 

Perfection with Me is worth it all.

You are worth My all.

-God your Father

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