Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dance... Do it...You'll like it.

It was one of those days…one of those weeks…one of those months…

Doubts rest like truth on your heart, compliments are received as correction, newness is hoped for in the darkness…

With it being winter, and coming off of a long break often times I feel like we drop our good habits and fall into an unhealthy train of thought where we become lost in the chaos.  But today, today I chose to dance. 

I went down to a local park, planning on taking a stroll through the blissful freezing air, but as I walked deeper into the park I saw a little area that had been untouched by footstep…a place that must have been prepared by the good God above.  I felt that fresh snow metaphorically call out to me, while the Lord, everything but metaphorically, called me to make that my place for the afternoon.  In the distance I saw some couples walking my way but it didn’t matter. I knew what I needed to do.  I pulled my headphones onto my head, hit play on some sweet jams, and stepped into this square of perfected park.  With each step I felt the Lord take the weight of doubt from my shoulders. The beat began to flow through me, and my foot began to tap.  This tap in unison with the Lord’s love left a little imprint in the snow.  I pressed that spot over and over, breathing deeply the frigid air.  But the Lord didn’t want me to continue pressing in that one spot…He wanted me to move…with Him, for Him, in Him.  I began to dance like a worry free kid on the biggest stage of them all, with my Father looking down approvingly.  I went to town on that perfect patch of park.  At different times the people walking would come closer and watch, they would stare, and giggle but that didn’t matter…I just wanted to rest with my King.  I wanted to give Him back a small portion of the Love He had been lavishing on me.  I began to sweat and become winded because of these prayers of joy and physicality like David of old but I didn’t want to leave.  It was my time with Him, and I didn’t realize how badly I’d missed Him…or how badly He longed for me to just turn my heart’s gaze to Him.

We are all being given a chance to begin again.  Sure it’s a new year, a new semester, a new season of life maybe but more than that today is new…and He gave it just for you.  As I began to dance back up the path to my car I looked at that patch of park and I saw countless steps that I had taken, I saw places that I slid…sometimes forward, sometimes back…I noticed the steps at times even went sideways.  Now, it isn’t every night that we go to bed with a celebratory spirit of the many steps we took forward, but it is every day that we have the opportunity to walk, to rest, to dance with the Lord.  

We should try to let Him lead, but my brothers and sisters He even longs to be with us when we slide back, or when we step too far to the side.  He continues to call us to the floor to dance with Him.    

Come and dance, for the Lord loves you and me so radically and so fully.  Begin again.  Toes get stepped on, but His heart quickly forgives, He giggles, and He pulls you in tighter if you let Him.

Dance...Do it...You'll like it.  

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